Citrus Trees & Gardening Magic From South Texas

Certified, hand-grafted citrus trees, live organic microbial fertilizer, organic pest control, & the world's best blend of potting soil mix.

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The Complete Kit To Optimize Any Plant's Health

The Bulletproof Plant Kit

The ultimate ancestral potting mix.
Made from steam-sterilized sandy loam virgin soil, coco fiber, organic coco chip, coco coir, biochar, and organic rice hulls.

Our own special permanent potting soil mix formulated for any plant in containers.

Dr. Mani's Magic Super Soil

Super Soil

Where Can We Ship Citrus Trees?

Due to USDA restrictions, we cannot ship citrus trees to AZ, CA, LA, FL, HI, or internationally.

We CAN ship trees within Texas and the rest of the continental United States.

Dr. Mani's Magic Microbial Mix

Live bacteria, fungi, protozoa & nematodes to revive your soil's food web.

Optimize rhizosphere health for your citrus trees, or any other plant for your lawn & garden.