Dr. Mani's Magic - Pest Protect Pro

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Your gardening purgatory is over. Finally an organic option that is extremely effective against almost EVERY pest in your garden.

Best of all, it won't harm your beneficial insects, won't damage your plants, and it won't hurt you or your family as you walk barefoot in your garden and lawn!

An organic mix of diatomaceous earth and sulfur that has been all-naturally semi-dissolved into water. 

Now you can easily SPRAY and evenly coat a large area against all the nasty bugs, mites, flies, worms, and fungal diseases affecting any plant and grass. 

An organic application that is simple and works via diatomaceous earth’s MECHANICAL destruction of pests - so there is NO RESISTANCE. 

Sulfur is the world’s oldest fungicide, applied safely for thousands of years. 

Take the very best of nature and start protecting your lawn, garden, fruit trees…and most importantly the people in your life. 

No more harsh chemicals with unknown long-term side effects.

No more being worried when children run around the lawn bare-foot.

No more trading off having an effective solution with having a safe solution.

No more spending hours researching different mechanisms, bugs, doses, concentrations, seasons, chemicals, side effects…just use this all-in-one solution. 

Remember…this is our own regimen that we use on our 250,000 trees in our nursery and 150,000 trees in our grove. This product was made to solve our own problems that you have!


1-gal of concentrate makes 25-gal of product

Spray on leaves, trunk, branches weekly to control pests and fungal disease.

Repeat spray more often or higher concentrations for more aggressive control. 


**test first on sulfur-sensitive plants: tomatoes, curcurbits, cruciferous vegetables, stone fruit & berries**

**do NOT use within 14 days of application of any sort of horticultural oil - will burn leaves**