Organic Coco Coir 70/30 - Package of 4 Bricks

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Coco coir, an environmentally-friendly alternative to peat moss. Providing important characteristics like  

This product is 4 coco coir bricks. Each brick is 3.4 lbs and after expansion with water results in 14 quarts of product after expansion with water. That is 56 quarts of product in all!

This product has been tested and verified to be:washed of salts and has an EC of  0.5-0.9 MS/CM, pH of 6.0-6.8, and comprised of 30% organic coconut fiber, and 70% organic coconut coir.
  • Healthy Roots - Use as an additive to soil and potting mixes for even distribution of nutrients
  • Moisture Retention - Coir absorbs 10x its weight in water. It also easily re-wets when dry, unlike peat moss. 
  • Aeration - The coco coir fiber to soil allows for coir's fluffy texture to create air pockets, making soil spongy and loose
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use - versatile enough for indoor potted plants to an outdoor garden
  • Natural - A second-use material great for organic growers. Also, its natural properties makes wetting chemicals/agents unnecessary!

Use: Ideal for young plants and seedlings, fruit trees, and cuttings. Use to freshen established potting mix or use to 

Environmentally Superior: Our organic coco coir bricks are re-purposed secondary materials after consumption of the coconut fruit. Coconut coir is renewable, unlike peat moss. Peat moss is a common in commercial potting mixes for decades. However, it's obtained by extracting peat bogs, which are vital ecosystems in Canada and Scotland that are thousands of years old and are wiped out after harvest.

Instructions: These bricks are compressed. Soak them in 3-gallons of water for three hours and watch them absorb water and expand. Break the coir apart by hand and utilize for potting mix.

Greenhouse Tested: We have tested this on all varieties of multiple type of plants in our own greenhouse with many happy plants!

The Alternatives: The vast majority of potting mix or landscaper's mix is an abomination made primarily from pine tree sawdust and bark chunks. The mixes 'made for citrus' have a tiny amount of sand, peat, and fertilizer. Peat moss is a good material but it is usually dusted coir that is so small it will decompose rapidly and steal oxygen from plant roots.

Why is pine used for potting mix? Because it is a waste product from our forestry industry and they have plenty of it and it is very light and cheap. Pine has some of the highest toxins and chemicals, and has its own chemical industry. These chemicals, in the potting mixes unfortunately are terrible for plant root growth. Also, the small wood particles decompose very quickly, this takes up all the oxygen and some nutrients from the mix and the plant roots.

What We Use: Coco coir, rice hulls and sandy loam are excellent alternatives to traditional, commercial potting mixes, that after a few months turn into poison!