New Zealand Lemonade Tree


A popular home-garden tree in New Zealand (like the Meyer Lemon in the USA), the New Zealand Lemonade tree is a sweet lemon hybrid with a very pleasant taste!

Moderate peeling with small-medium fruit. Flesh is juicy and not very seedy.

The trees are semi-dwarfed (on trifoliate rootstock), but quite productive.

Two crops per year, a light summer and heavier winter.

Technical Specs:

This tree is grafted, using proprietary micro-budding technology. It is not grown from cuttings or from a seed

Rootstock: Trifoliate hybrid


Height: 8-inches tall or greater (not including root system)

Stem Diameter: 4mm or greater

Age: ~6 months in age or older

Pot size:  Pot size: 3-inch citri-pot

Start of fruit production: after two years of consistent growth

Consistent fruit harvests: after two to threes years of consistent growth

Container:  Your tree can stay in the pot it comes in for one year, but keep it upright. Re-potting can be done at any time, we suggest 5-gallon to 15-gallon pot sizes with drainage holes

Watering: A newly shipped tree needs its soil drenched daily for 1 week. 

Indoor growing: watering needs to be adjusted, more info in our care guide.

Climate Control: Needs to be protected from strong winds or temperatures under 40 degrees F.

Light: We recommend the tree be kept outdoors for full sunlight. If is kept indoors, we recommend a full-spectrum grow light, window light will not suffice as this is a tropical tree. If the tree is kept indoors without a full spectrum grow light, we cannot say with confidence that the tree will survive or thrive.

Nutrition: To thrive, your tree needs proper fertilizer three times yearly.

Your tree can spend its life in a pot. We do NOT recommend planting the tree in the ground if there are any freezing temperatures unless you live in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9a, 9b or 10a. Even then your tree must be protected from temperatures below freezing.

Nursery: TDA certified nursery in Hargill, Texas. We do not purchase trees from any other nurseries to re-sell.