Meyer Lemon Tree Indoor Care Tips

4 Meyer Lemon Tree Indoor Care Tips You Need to Know

4 Meyer Lemon Tree Indoor Care Tips You Need to Know

Meyer lemon tree indoor care is important if you want more fruits when harvesting. Meyer trees are also easy to care for! Below are valuable tips you can use.

A lemon that won't cause your mouth to pucker, smells like a dream, and provides around 187% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C?

Count us in.

Meyer lemons are sweet, fragrant and endlessly edible. They're also easy to grow in your living room.

If reaching over from the couch and grabbing one for your sweet tea sounds like a dream, read on.

Today, we're sharing our guide to Meyer lemon tree indoor care, so you can bring this gorgeous fruit home.

Ready to learn more? Let's go!

1. Fine-Tuning the Lighting

As a rule, citrus trees require eight to 12 hours of light per day to thrive and produce fruit. Ideally, this will be by a south-facing window.

If your preferred growing spot doesn't get as much natural light, you can supplement with low-energy LED grow lights.

Before potting your tree, leave it in the designated indoor area for two weeks. If it responds well and appears to be growing, it's happy there. If it's dwindling, find a spot with better light and try again.

Our Grow Light Recommendation

We love SANSI 24W LED grow lights. They have a clean white light because they are full spectrum. They have all the right mix of light spectrum for growth, leaf flush, flower blossoming, and fruit set. 24 watts is a good amount of power for indoor lighting. We recommend placing the grow light anywhere from 6 to 18 inches away from your tree.

Your tree needs 12-16 hours of light a day. You can be very flexible with your light. You can keep it on for many days straight. However, all citrus trees need some dark time.

You can easily use one grow light for 1-3 trees. An easy way is to use one light on a tree for 24 hours at a time.

All grow lights get hot. We prefer SANSI because they use ceramic sinks to dissipate the heat. We have found the majority of grow lights on Amazon to have disturbing safety profiles. Use standard safety precautions, don't let babies and pets stare directly into the light or touch the heat from the grow light!

Our socket/clamp Recommendation:

We recommend the following clamp for your tree. It has a UL certified socket, electrical cord included as well. And it fits the Sansi bulb!

2. Potting the Tree

When you're ready to pot your lemon tree, fill a saucer with small rocks. Pour in just enough water to cover the bottom of the rocks but leave a dry portion at the top.

This way, your tree will still soak up the water, but it won't be sitting in it, which can lead to root rot.

3. Watering Well

Resist the urge to sprinkle your Meyer lemon tree with water every time you're in the room. Citrus trees prefer deeper, more infrequent waterings, instead.

Aim to moisten the soil without oversaturating it or making it soggy. If the top two inches of the soil feels dry, it's time to water again via the method explained above.

4. Routine Maintenance

An important part of Meyer lemon tree care is keeping up with your plant's daily, monthly and yearly needs.

Once a week, rotate your Meyer lemon tree one-quarter turn to make sure it's getting an even amount of sunlight on all sides.

Every two weeks or so, you can also spray down your foliage to keep the leaves clean and healthy. After two years have passed, you can prune your tree's roots and re-pot it to make sure it doesn't become root-bound.

At around the three-year-mark, keep a close eye on your tree. It should begin to flower and fruit two times a year starting now!

Once it does, you may have more fruit on your hands than you know what to do with!

Ace Your Meyer Lemon Tree Indoor Care

Fresh citrus by your television can be a reality if you practice these Meyer lemon tree indoor care tips!

Full of both flavor and possibility, it's one fruit you'll want to want to keep on hand.

Growing Trees is fun, and every tree we send comes with a 20-page care guide

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