Citrus Tree Growing

Citrus Questions: How Tall Do Citrus Trees Grow?

Citrus Questions: How Tall Do Citrus Trees Grow?

Curious about how tall different types of citrus trees can grow? Find out how tall citrus trees such as lemon, lime, kumquat and orange trees can grow below!

Whether your thumb is as green as it gets or you're a plant nurturing novice, growing your own citrus plants & trees can be a productive hobby. You get the relaxation of raising a plant with a side perk of fresh fruit. What's not to love?

There's a mistake many newcomers make, though: planting citrus trees in places where they don't have room for them. To avoid struggles with replanting, it's important to know how big your citrus trees will get before you plant them.

As you can imagine, it depends on the specific variety of citrus trees.

Lemon Trees

There are several types of lemon trees, and each one has its own expected size. A traditional lemon tree can grow to around 20 feet tall.

Meyer lemon trees are popular varieties that are slightly smaller. These tend to max out around ten to fifteen feet. There are also dwarf Meyer lemon trees which are even smaller: typically six to ten feet.

Lime Trees

If you want fresh limes for your guacamole or your margaritas, make sure you have space available. A typical lime tree reaches up to 20 feet before it's mature enough to produce fruit.

If you want a smaller variety, you have options. Thornless key lime trees, also known as a Mexican lime trees or sometimes dwarf lime trees, can grow anywhere from six feet to thirteen feet tall. The limes this tree produces are only slightly smaller than those from a typical lime tree.

Kumquat Trees

A kumquat tree is a uniquely beautiful tree, and you can't argue with the rewards when you taste that first ripe kumquat. Do you have the space for it, though?

Most kumquat trees only reach around eight feet tall, so they may be more manageable than some other citrus trees. They do grow to be around six feet wide, though, so make sure yours has space to grow.

Keep in mind that those measurements are for outdoor trees. If you are growing your kumquat tree in a pot, it will be considerably smaller.

Orange Trees

Oranges are among the most popular citrus fruits, so many people enjoy having an orange tree available when they want it. These trees can become surprisingly tall, though, reaching up to 22 feet.

Many people assume that because mandarin oranges tend to be smaller, their trees will be smaller too. In reality, mandarin trees can reach up to 25 feet. There are dwarf mandarin trees, though, which max out around five or six feet.

Growing Your Favorite Citrus Fruits

There's something undeniably delicious about tasting a fruit direct from a tree. It's as if your care and your hard work grow into the fruit itself.

The facts above can help you gauge where to plant your citrus tree depending on how much space it needs.


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