Surprising Facts About Eureka Lemon Trees

Eureka! 5 Surprising Facts About Eureka Lemon Trees

Eureka! 5 Surprising Facts About Eureka Lemon Trees

They look like Meyer lemon trees, but their citrus fruit is slightly more tart. Find out some interesting facts about Eureka lemon trees and lemons below!

Why do you need the Eureka lemon tree in your life? There are so many amazing reasons!

First off, lemons on their own are tasty multi-taskers. They've got a variety of uses, from drinks to dishes, from your home to your beauty routine.

Nearly half of all US households make lemons a regular addition to their grocery list. It's no wonder the little yellow citrus fruit rakes in over $715 million a year for American farmers.

If you want to take your lemon love to the next level, it's time to discover Eureka lemons! Here are five amazing facts that will surprise you!

1. Ciao, Bella!

The sight of immigrants crossing the ocean and landing on Lady Liberty's door is familiar to many Americans. Our nation is built on people seeking a better life in the land of the free.

Eureka lemons came to the US at the same time many families were making that journey. This citrus fruit found its way to our shores in the mid-1800s from Italy.

2. The Real Thing

Did you know that not all lemons are really lemons? For example, the Meyer lemon from the Meyer lemon tree is considered a hybrid because it's crossed with other citrus.

With the Eureka, you're getting the real thing. These lemons originate from the original seeds without any tweaks or twists.

3. Sun Lover

Your Eureka lemon tree loves the sun. Unlike some hardier citrus, Eureka lemon trees do best with plenty of sunshine and hot weather.

Want to grow them above zone nine in the US? You still can! However, just make sure you offer them protection from the cold.

4. Pretty in Pink

When you think of pink citrus fruit, you automatically picture a grapefruit. Their time in the spotlight is over - Eureka lemons are pretty in pink, too.

The variegated pink Eureka lemon doesn't disappoint. The outside is striped green and gold before it matures to yellow, and the flesh is pastel pink.

Eurekas are among the most unusual and surprising lemon varieties. This fruit is both beautiful and tasty.

5. Big and Tall

Lemon trees are happy in a container or planted in the ground. Some are bush-sized and some grow big and tall.

Eureka lemons are the latter kind. They don't require much pruning, which makes them popular, but can grow up to ten to 20 feet tall.

Unlike other lemon trees, though, they don't have thorns or dense leaf cover. Grow your Eureka lemon tree as big or small as you'd like.

Add the Eureka Lemon to Your Life

There are many more reasons the Eureka lemon is surprising, interesting, and a great addition to your everyday routine. Why not discover it on your own by growing citrus trees yourself?

They're easy to care for and yield plenty of citrus fruit after a year or so. You're going to wow your friends and family with beautiful, decorative, and tasty citrus.

Growing trees is fun, but if you want to have delicious, seasonal citrus fruit right away, join the Craft Citrus Club!

Get a curated box of fresh-harvested citrus fruit from South Texas sent to your door every month!

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