Fruit Tree Care Tips

Fruit Tree Care Tips: How to Properly Nurture Young Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree Care Tips: How to Properly Nurture Young Fruit Trees

New fruit or citrus trees are especially vulnerable and, if not properly cared for, can yield no fruit. Learn proper fruit tree care with expert advice here.

There are many benefits to having a fruit tree around your home. They clean the air, look great, and provide fruit when cared for properly. If you live on a large lot, fruit trees can not only provide fruit but also add an exotic look to your landscape.

Fruit tree care is not hard but does require some attention, especially when the trees are young. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to care for your fruit tree.

Fruit Tree Care for Young Trees

All plants need water and sunlight and they should thrive, right? This is not necessarily the case. Caring for indoor and outdoor plants requires an effort to ensure that they have the right combination of nutrients, water, and light.


Young citrus fruit trees need their soil to be moistened to the depth of their roots. One of the most environmentally friendly way to ensure moist soil and prevent overwatering is to use a drip irrigation system. All of our trees use it at the nursery before they're delivered to you.


Every year, you should fertilize a young tree before it starts to create new growth. Nitrogen stimulates growth and flowering. While phosphorus helps to create a strong tree through root growth. Potassium promotes fruit quality.

Weed, Regularly

This is especially true if your plants are outside, but understand there is a balance between weeds and insects. Having healthy grass around an orchid can actually cut down on the amount of insect deterrent you need.

If plants are indoors you still need to make sure there are no weeds or other plants growing in indoor plants as well, along with keeping pruning in mind. Indoor or outdoor fallen fruit attracts unwanted guests and should be composted immediately.


If the disease does occur then treat it immediately. A concentration copper spray is often the first line of defense and can be found at most hardware stores. Follow all warnings listed by the manufacturer.

Be sure to understand the difference between disease and under or over nutrients. For example, nitrogen deficiency causes a tree to have yellowish leaves don't mistake that for a diseased leaf that requires treatment.

Caring for your citrus trees can be very rewarding. Make sure you follow the simple rules to make sure that the young trees have what they need to grow.

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