How to Plant a Lemon Tree and Help it Thrive

From Seed to Tree: How to Plant a Lemon Tree and Help it Thrive

From Seed to Tree: How to Plant a Lemon Tree and Help it Thrive

If life gives you lemons, you must have a lemon tree. Wondering if there are special instructions? Learn how to plant your own lemon tree and help it thrive.

They say if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We say if life gives you lemons, plant a tree, harvest your lemons, and put them in everything!

Lemons are great fruits for giving your food that heavenly sour taste. What's more, they are good for your health too. Research shows that citrus fruits could help prevent a host of chronic conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, and obesity.

The most affordable and convenient way to have a constant supply of lemons in your home is by growing your tree. Lemon trees, including the Meyer lemon tree, do well in areas that enjoy a warm summer climate throughout the year, but they also thrive indoors in cold regions.

Are you ready to plant your lemon tree and get an ample supply of the delicious zesty fruit? Follow our simple guide on how to grow a lemon tree and help it thrive.

Get Organic Lemons

The first step is to buy organic lemons for your project. You can find these in an organic food store or the whole foods section of your supermarket. Don't go for inorganic lemons as most have seeds that are incapable of germinating.

If you're worried about growing your lemon tree from seed, you can buy seedlings as well. The process of caring for the seeds and seedlings is the same, but seeds will take a little longer to germinate and grow into a plant.

Choose Your Potting Soil

Getting the best potting soil for lemon trees is a crucial step in growing a healthy and productive tree. Lemon trees don't thrive in garden soil. Thus, you have to buy pre-made gardening soil at your local store or make a DIY mix.

The best gardening soil for your trees should have the following properties:

  • Good drainage
  • Acidic properties
  • Citrus fertilizer

If the potting mix feels heavy, add some hardwood bark chips to create air pockets which will lighten it and improve drainage.

Plant Your Lemon Tree

We recommend that you grow an indoor lemon tree, especially if you are starting with seeds. While indoors, the plant will be safe from harsh weather which can impede growth.

Start with a small container to ensure that you don't overwater the tree. Once the plant starts to grow, re-pot it to a bigger container. Also, consider getting a lightweight, portable pot, especially if you will be moving it in and outdoors with the seasons.

Expose Tree to Light

Your tree needs light to grow, especially during the sprouting stages. Make sure that it gets at least 12 hours of sun every day. Choose a strategic position in your home or backyard where the tree will be exposed to enough light.

There are times when there isn't much natural light during the day. During such days, you can supplement sunlight with artificial lighting bulbs.

Fertilize and Water the Tree

Your growing lemon tree needs adequate water and nutrients to thrive and produce good fruit. Invest in a quick-release fertilizer and use it around once every one or two months.

Make sure that your tree is evenly moist at all times. If you're growing an indoor lemon tree, water it every day as the interior tends to be dryer than the outdoors.

An outdoor tree will only require watering once or twice a week depending on the time of the year. Monitor the tree for any signs of underwatering or overwatering and adjust the water as required.

Ready to Grow Your Lemon Tree?

Planting a lemon tree is this simple and easy. With these tips, you can grow delicious lemons regardless of the climate in your area.

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