The Most Common Citrus Tree Problems and How to Treat Them

Are your citrus trees sick or diseased? Find out about some of the most common types of citrus tree problems and what you can do about them below!

You're interested in having fresh citrus in your home or business, and you've got your trees planted and growing. Now you're worried about citrus tree problems and how to resolve them, but worry no more, we can help!

Are your citrus trees sick or diseased? Find out about the most common types of citrus tree problems and what you can do about them here.

Citrus Canker

One citrus tree disease causes nasty scab-like lesions on the leaves, branches, and fruit of the trees. This disease called Citrus Canker, is a highly contagious bacterial infection spread through the air, insects, and even human touch.

If you have an infected tree, the best solution is to prune the affected areas and treat the tree (and surrounding trees) with a copper-infused fungicide. These can generally be found at your local nursery or home improvement store.

If pruning doesn't solve the problem, go ahead and remove the whole tree. This will prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of your citrus trees.

Sooty Mold

While Sooty Mold is not technically a disease, the fungi are commonly treated the same as other tree diseases. The fungi thrive on the secretions from insects called Honeydew.

This black fungi often live on the surface of the leaves and fruit but is easily wiped or washed away. The only way to eliminate the formation of the fungus is to rid the trees of the insects with some form of insecticide.


Speaking of insects, the most common ones to plague your citrus trees are aphids. They are the little buggers that secrete Honeydew to harbor favorable conditions for Sooty Mold.

One or two aphids is really not a problem, but when you start seeing groups and swarms of them, treat your trees before anything terrible happens. As discussed above, insecticides are the best bet for ridding your trees of these pests.

Orange Dog Caterpillars

A common issue with any type of plant is caterpillars. With citrus trees, in particular, Orange Dog caterpillars can come in flocks of hundreds. These slinky creatures love the citrus taste (who can blame them?) and will secrete a pungent odor to deter anyone who tries to remove them.

Unfortunately, the best way to rid your trees of these is by picking them off by hand. They won't hurt you, but do your best to avoid their red antennas as that is where the stinky secretion comes from.

If you continue to have issues with Orange Dog caterpillars even after removing them from the trees, go ahead and treat with our homemade organic insecticide to deter them.

Citrus Tree Problems: Solved!

Now that you've read about a couple of potential citrus tree problems, we hope you have the confidence to carry on and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.

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