Top Tips for Growing Citrus Trees in Containers

Keeping it Contained: The Top Tips for Growing Citrus Trees in Containers

Keeping it Contained: The Top Tips for Growing Citrus Trees in Containers

Are you looking to grow your citrus tree in a container? Continue reading below to learn the top tips for growing healthy citrus trees in containers or pots.

Around 90 percent of Americans don't get enough fruit and vegetables.

But, you don't have any excuses for not getting your five-a-day of fruit and vegetables.

You can even start growing citrus trees by yourself.

You may think you don't have the right soil conditions. Wondering how you could possibly grow an indoor citrus tree inside your tiny apartment?

The answer is that you can grow your own citrus tree inside a container. It's simple. Just check out our tips below!

1. Plenty of Sunlight and Warmth

Your citrus tree requires up to 8 hours of sun per day.

You can prop your tree near natural light without any blowing wind for optimal conditions.

During the winter months, this can be especially difficult to get enough sunlight. You've also got to consider the colder temperatures could damage your tree.

If you live in a colder climate, you should opt for mandarin trees, since they can withstand the cold better than lime or lemon trees.

2. A Container to Allow Growth

You can grow any citrus tree inside a container in principle.

However, some trees will quickly outgrow the size of the container. You could select a container which has plenty of room for growth.

It's recommended to select a large container which is up to 28 inches or more. Remember, you may need to move the container around your home, so make sure you can lift it.

You'll also need to include drainage holes. Ideally, the container should also be on feet rather than on the ground.

Use a large (28 inches or larger) durable pot.

You may also pick a citrus tree, such as a Meyer lemon tree, which doesn't grow as large as other choices.

3. Soil Stuff

You need to make sure you create the right soil conditions. If you're new to gardening and plant growing, this could be a steep learning curve.

You need to add some inorganic ingredients to your soil mix. This includes vermiculite, peat moss or perlite.

If you only have organic matter in your soil, it will decompose and compact fast. This blocks the roots from growing.

4. Not Too Much or Too Little Water

The common mistake of citrus tree owners is that they either water too much or too little.

Your citrus tree requires moist conditions. But, you don't want the soil to become soggy either.

You could purchase a moisture meter to ensure you're watering correctly. This will inform you when you need to water it.

Be especially vigilant during summer months, since the container can dry out quickly under high temperatures.

5. Fertilize Regularly

Citrus trees are especially hungry plants.

Since it's in a container, the citrus tree is dependent on you for nutrients. Due to the frequent watering, the fertilizer often washes through.

Therefore, you need to regularly apply fertilizer for your tree. The amount of fertilizer depends on the size, type, and age of the plant.

But, if you spot yellow leaves developing, this is a warning sign that your tree needs more nutrients.

Enjoy Growing Citrus Trees

If you're thinking of growing citrus trees in your home, it's important to know the above tips for keeping your trees healthy.

You can keep citrus trees under most climates and conditions so long as you know how to care for your citrus tree.

Do you want ideas for what to do with your citrus fruits? Check out our blog for delicious citrus recipes to try!

Growing Trees is fun, and every tree we send comes with a 20-page care guide.

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