Water Requirements for a Lemon Citrus Tree

Understanding the Water Requirements for a Lemon Citrus Tree

Understanding the Water Requirements for a Lemon Citrus Tree

Your lemon citrus tree needs enough water to grow healthily. In this post, we cover the essential water requirements for healthy lemon citrus tree growth.

Looking for a way to ensure that your yard is truly breathtaking?

There's nothing quite as lovely as a lemon tree.

However, to keep your trees beautiful, and to help them grow fresh lemons you can enjoy, you need to get to know the basics of lemon citrus tree care.

In this post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about watering your lemon citrus tree the right way.

The Basics of Watering a Lemon Citrus Tree

First, understand that rainwater alone isn't enough to keep your lemon citrus tree happy.

Though you certainly don't want to drown your lemon tree, as this can make is susceptible to all kinds lemon tree diseases, you need to be sure it's getting the same amount of moisture it would in its natural habitat.

Whether you plant your tree in a pot or place it directly in the soil, you need to completely saturate the root ball.

If possible, make it a point to water your lemon tree first thing in the morning.

Remember that, to avoid overwatering the tree, you should make sure to check the area around the roots. If it feels soggy already, hold off on watering.

Tree Age and Watering

Proper citrus tree watering schedules vary with age.

If you have a tree that's young enough to still have a trunk under an inch in diameter, you should water it three times a week in the summer, and once a week when it's fall.

When you first get an outdoor lemon tree, you should give it about two gallons of water daily at the trunk for four weeks.

If you're keeping the tree indoors, remember that it needs 12-18 hours of sunlight every day to thrive. You should give it a cup of water every day for the first month.

In summer, you should use about 5 gallons of water each week for potted lemon trees. Larger trees will need much more than that, as will younger trees.

If it's freezing in the winter, you should likely only water the tree a few times every week.

If it's been an especially rainy week in any season, make sure to check your plant's root systems to avoid overwatering.

If the tree is old enough to have a trunk greater than an inch in diameter, you won't need to water it as often.

Usually, once or twice a week is fine. Because the root system is thoroughly in the ground, make sure you water the older trees deeply.

Need More Citrus Tree Care Advice?

Now that you better understand how to water your lemon citrus tree, we know you're likely curious about what else you should do to keep it healthy and happy. For more helpful info, check out more in our citrus blog.

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  • I have a small 3 fr. New Meyer Lemon Tree and I am horrible about over watering. I already lost about 10 leaves and am worried i killed the tree. I do have new growth which encourages me but how much water and how often do i water each week. I live in Colorado and when it is warm i put it outside and bring it in at night. Please advise

    annette harkness on

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