Difference Between Lime and Lemon Trees

What's the Difference Between Lime and Lemon Trees?

What's the Difference Between Lime and Lemon Trees?

Lemon and lime citrus fruit both have signature tart flavors, but what are some of the differences between a lime and lemon tree? Find out in our latest post!

When we think about lemons and limes, their fragrant aroma and tart taste springs to mind, but aside from their near-identical nutritional benefits, these flavorful fruits have many differences in their trees.

It's no secret that fruit trees all share some common similarities, such as alternating leaves up and down their stem. But what exactly is the difference between lime and lemon tree?

Keep reading to learn the difference between lemon and lime trees and what gives each tree it's unique appearance.

Difference Between Lime and Lemon Tree

Citrus-bearing trees have distinct leaves with an undeniable shine to them. That can make it difficult to tell them apart.

Check the Color

To determine if a tree is a lemon or lime, begin by examining any ripe fruit. While the color alone is usually all we need, there are times when limes have a pale yellow color, confusing them with lemon trees.

When in doubt, check the surface of the fruit's skin. It's a well-known fact that limes have smoother surfaces than lemons do.

Study the Leaves

If color and texture aren't enough to separate lemon trees from lime trees, then we need to examine the leaves.

On average, lemon trees have longer leaves than lime trees. Lemon trees also have district oblong leaves.


Both lemon and lime trees indeed smell very similar. However, when we smell a lemon tree, we'll notice that the fragrance is more pungent.

Color and Shape of a Lime vs Lemon

Aside from lemons being yellow or yellow with green stripes and limes being a vibrant green color, the skin of the citrus fruit can be used to differentiate which type of tree we're working with.

When we cut into a lemon, we'll notice a thicker skin. On the other hand, the skin of a lime is thinner, helping us tell the difference between the two types of fruit.

When examining the shape of each fruit, take notice of the lime's round appearance and the lemon's oval shape.

Types of Lemon Trees

There are various types of lemon trees. The pink variegated lemon tree has lemons with yellow and green striped skin, hence the name "variegated."

Another beautiful lemon tree is the Lisbon Lemon. This amazing tree can grow around 30 feet tall, making it stand out among other fruit-bearing trees.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Meyer Lemon Tree. This tree is considered a dwarf tree, typically growing about 10 feet tall.

It's a hybrid with fruit that tastes like lemon mixed with mandarin orange.

Types of Lime Trees

The key lime tree, also known as the Mexican lime tree grows to be around 20 feet tall. This particular tree has yellow-green limes that line the branches of each tree limb.

The Persian lime tree is another beautiful lime tree that also grows around 20 feet tall. Their flowers are known to bloom all year and are a lovely shade of white with hints of purple.

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