Calamondin Tree
Calamondin Tree
Calamondin Tree
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Calamondin Tree

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Calamondin orange fruit is sweet and tangy. The perfect citrus tree for a Chinese Lunar New Year gift. Used in Asian and Philipino cooking and drinks, known as 'Kalamansi' or 'Panamanian Orange'. Great tree for container gardening.

Technical Specs for Your Tree:

This tree is grafted, using proprietary micro-budding technology. It is not grown from cuttings or from a seed

Rootstock: Brazilian Sour Orange or Citrange-22

non-GMO, not organically raised

Height: 12-inches tall or greater (not including root system)

Stem Diameter: 4mm or greater

Age: ~6 months in age or older

Pot size: 2.5 quarts plastic pot (which is referred to as 1-gallon in standard nursery nomenclature)

Start of fruit production: after one year of consistent growth

Consistent fruit harvests: after two years of consistent growth

Container: Your tree can stay in the pot it comes in for one year. Re-potting can be done at any time, we suggest 5-gallon to 15-gallon pot sizes with drainage holes

Watering: A newly shipped tree needs its soil drenched daily for 4 weeks. Overwatering is not a concern if the container has drainage holes and the tree is outdoors.

Indoor growing: watering needs to be adjusted, more info in our care guide.

Climate Control: Needs to be protected from strong winds or temperatures under 40 degrees F.

Light: We recommend the tree be kept outdoors for full sunlight. If is kept indoors, we recommend a full-spectrum grow light, window light will not suffice as this is a tropical tree. If the tree is kept indoors without a full spectrum grow light, we cannot say with confidence that the tree will survive or thrive.

Nutrition: To thrive, your tree needs proper fertilizer three times yearly.

Your tree can spend its life in a pot. We do NOT recommend planting the tree in the ground if there are any freezing temperatures unless you live in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9a, 9b or 10a. Even then your tree must be protected from temperatures below freezing.

Nursery: TDA certified nursery in Hargill, Texas. We do not purchase trees from any other nurseries to re-sell.


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Joann O.

I'm so impressed with the

I'm so impressed with the way they packed the tree.. I'm excited to grow my lemon and calamondin tree

Paul P.

So happy with my calamansi

I ordered 3 plants. 1 of them already has fruits. Everything is perfect except for the UPS delivery man who just threw the package and spilled some of the soil inside.

Rebecca S.

I’m not 100 percent happy with the purchase

Even though I am not 100 percent happy with the purchase. Deep down I am overly excited to have the citrus trees I ordered from US citrus. Honestly, I have dealt with citrus trees, that did not come from US Citrus that never flowered or fruited. I have dealt with other citrus that were in too large of nursery pots, for the size of their root ball. This is can lead to a devastating end of the citrus tree. From my past purchase of US citrus trees, at my local nursery store (even my local nursery chose US citrus as a supplier). I quickly learned that US Citrus has a good fruiting product. I then googled the company and found that I can order directly from US Citrus. The trees arrived with all the branches still intact . The trees both had fruit on them. This was exciting to know, they were at fruiting stage. If yours do not, they will soon!!However, the soil on the calamondin had shifted to cover the stem, during transit. This is out of US Citrus control. That could have been devastating to the life of the citrus, so be sure when your citrus arrives , the stem (Bottom part of the tree trunk) isn’t covered with soil. Also my trees arrived with about 8 mealy bugs on one. This may or may not have happened through transit , I do not know. I was able to control the problem easily but I spent over an hour inspecting the tree. Which didn’t bother me, I actually like spending the time with the trees. If you haven’t clicked submit order yet, I strongly recommend you do!! Do not let the size of the trees full you! They grow rather fast, and actually bloom and fruit! I have never been a happier citrus tree owner!! US Citrus has great product

George H.

Great Tree!

I tell everyone I know, even some who have no interest in plants at all, what great trees calamondins are, and now I have bought another. It is wonderful fruit for those who like the tart taste, but for those who prefer something more tame, it can be used for cooking, which is where it really excels. Calamondin preserves, marmalade, pies, and drink are all exquisite, according to everyone who commented on them. I have bought five citrus trees from US Citrus now. It is a great company, which has given me the ability to give my friends here in Vermont fruit they would have imagined was locally grown. Keep up the good work, US Citrus!

Kay G.


Great service, my orderived arrived timely, and the citrus trees were not damaged.

Belita R.

So far so good

It came in not too long ago. It's leaves were so green that I thought it was one of those fake plants. I put it in some pro mix potting soil and put a mint plant at the bottom of it. I can't wait to have it grow some fruit.

Kristen D.


She’s growing perfectly and I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

Jane F.

Just received my plant and

Just received my plant and it was so very healthy looking And packaged better than any plant I have ever ordered !! Thank you

Kristen D.

Love it!!

Got my shipment so fast and in perfect condition!!

Carole B.

Trees look so healthy!

Just received our 3 citrus trees and all three look so healthy. We can’t wait to see limes/lemons/oranges in the next 2 years!

David F.


All the trees arrived and look great. Definitely recommend buying from them.

Rick S.

Worth every penny

Great quality. Can't wait to see it grow.

Cristina D.

Citrus arrived beautifully

The plants look great. I can’t wait to plant them and see them grow.

Celena D.

Fingerling healthy and beautiful

The tree I received was healthy and arrived quickly. It's now planted and already growing new leaves. I will certainly buy from US Citrus again.