Chapin Pro Hose-end Sprayer with Metering Dial

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Wondering HOW you'll apply the Microbial Mix and Pest Protect Pro that your lawn and garden so badly desires?

The Chapin Pro is the absolute best of the best hose-end sprayer and the LAST you will ever need! 

Super high-quality brass and aluminum parts makes it the perfect partner for our Microbial Mix and Pest Protect products

The ideal hose-end sprayer to handle the volume and thickness of Dr. Mani's Magic Pest Protect Pro and to achieve and even distribution of the product on the top & bottom of your plants' leaves!

Easy-to-use, just add the Pest Protect without dilution and use the metering system to achieve our recommended 1:25 ratio.

Also, use the same hose-end sprayer for Dr. Mani's Magic Microbial Mix. Your plants will be very happy with the clean, precision and quality materials that cannot be beat!
  • All Purpose Hose End with Metering Dial features a durable poly tank with comfort-grip handle.
  • Built-in anti-siphon to prevent back-flow and durable brass mixing head with 8 mixing ratios
  • Fits any standard size garden hose
  • Sprays up to 320 gallons from 32 ounces of concentrate
  • Made in USA
  • Automatically mixes liquid concentrate with water