Dr. Mani's Magic - Biochar

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The Magic of Biochar.

The ancient civilizations like the Amazonians drastically improved the quality of their soil with something called ‘terra preta’. Slowly turning their organic matter into charcoal and mixing it into their soil, this is what allowed them to sustain enormous populations of people in an area of poor soil quality.

A SUPERHIGHWAY FOR MICROBIALS. Biochar is a chain of carbon atoms that creates the perfect little nooks and crannies for beneficial bacteria and fungi to thrive, multiply and actually move throughout the soil! 
  • Healthy Roots - With the combination of nutrient and microbe retention, biochar has been proven to produce incredibly strong and healthy roots. 
  • Nutrient Retention - the carbon lattice helps retain all of your precious N-P-K and micronutrients in your pot. Don’t let them all wash away with water! 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use - for indoor & outdoor plants in containers or work into the soil for any plants or trees planted in the ground.

Use: Mix into your potting mix at a 1:40 - 1:10 ratio. Or sprinkle 1-2 ounces on the top of a potted plant and work into the soil with a cultivator and the water will gradually move this lower over time. 

Environmentally Superior: Natural base products, this is a form of carbon sequestration because the biochar is in such a permanent state.

Long Lasting: The carbon has been stabilized in this specific lattice, so soil tested from thousands of years ago shows that it still retains the original biochar!

Greenhouse Tested: We have tested this on all varieties of multiple types of plants in our own greenhouse with happy results!

The Alternatives: Many bio-chars are made from a bark or tree based source, often pine, just like potting mix. This brings all the problems of the toxic compounds that the bark contains. 

What We Use: Our biochar is single source - made from pure hay straw made into biochar with the perfect pyrolysis protocol.