Dr. Mani's Magic - Bulletproof Plant Kit

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Get FREE SHIPPING on our Bulletproof Plant Kit to transform your gardening and give your plants every single advantage that thriving plants in nature enjoy! All-natural solutions for quick and powerful results for indoor and outdoor plants in containers, planted in beds, or the ground.

Unfortunately, modern day potting mix breaks down into toxic material, synthetic fertilizers kills microbes, and harsh herbicides and pesticides create side effects throughout the entire ecosystem.

Every product that we use ourselves and we developed and product ourselves. Greenhouse tested with hundreds of thousands of plants of all varieties.

The Bulletproof Plant Kit comes with:

  • Three 32-oz bottles of Dr. Mani's Magic Microbial Mix - never expires
  • One gallon of Dr. Mani's Magic Pest Protect Pro - never expires 
  • 20-lbs (25 quarts) of Dr. Mani's Magic Super Soil - never expires
  • 1 brick of Organic Coco Coir (70% coir/30% fiber) to freshen potting mix
  • 2.5-lbs of Organic Rice Hulls to use as a top dressing, or mix for porosity
  • Chapin Hose-End Sprayer - apply Microbial Mix and Pest Protect with a garden hose. 
  • Pressure Sprayer - to apply products indoors and outdoors without a garden hose
  • Measuring cup - to add precise amounts of microbies, right out of the box
  • Insect id

Made in America: Support a small, family owned business in South Texas that makes its own products. This is becoming increasingly rare. We have worked very hard to create our own products to have the freedom to deliver the greatest benefit to our customers.

Environmentally Superior: Simple ingredients that you can understand. No chemicals. Only organic inputs. Every product utilizes ingredients that are safe enough that we are happy to use ourselves in our own nursery and orchard environment at US Citrus. 

Massive Value: Our Bulletproof Plant Kit has a total value of the individual products of $508! This is not only the best value of all of our combined products, but with the benefits you will see from these curated and effective products, this is the greatest gardening value package you will ever see. 

Future Value: Not only do you get the incredible current value to the Bulletproof Plant Kit, but we will keep the value going. Anyone purchasing this Kit will be eligible to get a 66% discount on our Microbial Mix and Pest Protect packages on a future subscription to keep enjoying these incredible benefits with our microbials and other products.

Our Own Products: We develop our own Microbial Mix, Pest Protect, and Super Soil from our own ingredients. We control the quality control from start to finish. No gigantic corporations, no reselling.

Greenhouse Tested: We have tested this on hundreds of thousands of plants of all varieties in our own greenhouse with a result of many happy flowers, houseplants, vegetables, and fruit trees!

The Alternatives: The horticultural industry is broken. The potting mixes are pine-based sawdust that is poisonous to plant roots. Synthtic fertilizer burns microbes, herbicides are toxic both to plants and humans, and pesticides get in our water supply and the food chain. Meanwhile organic options are often ineffective. You will see the best results all with organic gardening with the Bulletproof Plant Kit. 

Why we are different: Our people make the difference. Including Dr. Mani, we have 3 PhD scientists on staff and 30 dedicated employees all on the same mission. To rethink horticulture using common sense and basic principles. To get to the root of the problem and to stop the cycle of the big corporations keeping gardeners with mediocre results year after year.

Step by Step Instructions: This kit has ALOT of incredible new products that you may not be familiar with. Don't worry, this kit comes with both written and video instructions as well as top-notch customer service support for life. We will walk you through to the great results that we ourselves enjoy step by step.