Dr. Mani's Magic - Super Soil

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Our own organic blend of the perfect potting soil for ANY plant, indoors or out. Made of real South Texas virgin sandy loam soil. 

The moment you realize that this soil is what your plant root's crave will be when you run your fingers through it. Firm but fluffy. Compressible but resilient. The weight of this soil will let you know that it means business. 

This soil has top-of-the-line drainage, aeration, water retention, porosity, and weight that is for the discerning gardener that wants a natural option.

The perfect ingredients to make the perfect mix. We call this soil because it is made of REAL SAND LOAM as its base.   No fake potting mixes made of sawdust.
  • sandy loam virgin soil from South Texas
  • organic coconut chip
  • organic coconut fiber
  • organic coconut coir
  • organic rice hulls 
  • biochar

Steam Sterilized: A labor intensive, expensive and time consuming process. But it is completely organic and cleanses our soil of any possible bugs like: nematodes, protozoa, bad bacteria/fungi or viruses! All ingredients are sterilized with steam. 

Environmentally Superior: Our other products: rice hulls and coco are utilized as an environmentally friendly alternative to perlite and peat moss. Both are re-purposed secondary materials after agricultural production. We have enjoyed the benefits of ricehulls, which act as a top dressing for the plant. And coconut coir is renewable, unlike peat moss. Plus, we utilize a specific ratio of different sizes of the materials to create our unique fluffy but dense finger feel.

Fortified: To have living soil, you must have living microbials. We have the only batch of live microbials in the world, in Dr. Mani's Magic Mix. And we have fortified this soil with the microbes, including mycorrhzea, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and protozoa. 

Magic Valley: The reason the Rio Grande Valley was marketed as the "Magic Valley" for decades was its incredible sandy loam soil. Fine soil with an ideal mix of moisture drainage and retention, this soil is the backbone of the agricultural industry in South Texas.

Our Own Land: All of the sandy loam we use is directly from our own land. A parcel of virgin soil, we have mapping surveys that lead us to the areas of perfect, run-through-your-fingers sandy loam soil, each batch tested and sterilized by us. No heaps of construction material imported in from a 3rd party. 

Greenhouse Tested: We have tested this on hundreds of thousands of plants of all varieties in our own greenhouse and many, many happy customers!

The Alternatives: The vast majority of potting mix or landscaper's mix is an abomination made primarily from pine tree sawdust and bark chunks. The mixes 'made for citrus' have a tiny amount of sand, peat, and fertilizer. Peat moss is a good material but it is usually dusted coir that is so small it will decompose rapidly and steal oxygen from plant roots.

Why is pine used for potting mix? Because it is a waste product from our forestry industry and they have plenty of it and it is very light and cheap. Pine has some of the highest toxins and chemicals, and has its own chemical industry. These chemicals, in the potting mixes unfortunately are terrible for plant root growth. Also, the small wood particles decompose very quickly, this takes up all the oxygen and some nutrients from the mix and the plant roots.

Contrary to popular opinion, organic media is not beneficial to plants in mix. It is good on TOP of the soil for slow nutrient release. Decomposing organic matter and sawdust make for a toxic environment for plant roots after about 3-6 months in a container, unless the roots are able to grow and get rootbound prior. 

Why we are different: This is a MINERAL based potting soil. Sandy loam is mineral, not organic material. Rice hulls are silica based, and they don't decompose. Coco chip and fiber are organic but they decompose much slower than peat moss or potting mix because of their size and they do not release toxic chemicals like pine. Biochar is excellent for nutrient retention and transporting and housing microbes. All of the products in our soil are beneficial for aeration. It retains water well, but also drains appropriately. The roots will plenty of oxygen.

Warning: This product is DENSE. Also do not use this for starting seeds as microbes consume seeds and this is fortified with live microbials.