Turmeric Plant

Type: trees

Turmeric rhizomes are extremely expensive, often selling at $20/lb. Turmeric powder is closer to $75/lb. So save big by growing your won turmeric plant with ESTABLISHED beautiful roots!

Curcumin levels in most turmeric plant are about 1-1.5%. These turmeric plants have curcumin ranging from 6-7%.

So how do you make sure you are getting the real thing? How can you get your own organically grown, pure turmeric WHENEVER YOU WANT IT? How do you get the maximum curcumin content so you can make your own turmeric skin ointments and powders and cooking spices?

Start growing your own turmeric by purchasing a WELL-ESTABLISHED turmeric plant from US Citrus, grown by a family farm in South Texas!

Now you can get all the BENEFITS of turmeric and the curcumin it contains and grow it yourself! No need to worry about any contamination.

Multiply your own rhizomes by starting with good, quality turmeric plants. Turmeric rhizomes can be grown and harvested almost year round. Spring-time the plant flourishes, then drops its leaves in the summer. The rhizome continues to be productive and grow.

It can be harvested to make your own powder, spice, teas, for food or medicinal use, and then part of it can be replanted!


Technical Specs for Your Tree:

Grown from Rhizome

Height: 8-inches tall or greater (not including root system)

Pot size:  Pot size: 3-inch citri-pot

Start of rhizome production: There are current rhizomes and if transplanted they will be maximally reproduced and enlarged after 9 months being planted.

Container: Re-potting can be done at any time, we suggest 5-gallon size with drainage holes or into a raised bed.

Watering: A newly transplanted tree needs its soil drenched daily for 1 week, otherwise keep soil moist.

Indoor growing: watering needs to be adjusted, more info in our care guide.

Climate Control: Needs to be protected from strong winds or temperatures under 40 degrees F.

Light: We recommend the tree be kept outdoors for full sunlight. If is kept indoors, we recommend a full-spectrum grow light, window light will not suffice as this is a tropical tree. If the tree is kept indoors without a full spectrum grow light, we cannot say with confidence that the tree will survive or thrive.

Nutrition: To thrive, your tree needs proper fertilizer three times yearly.

Your tree can spend its life in a pot. If planted in the ground, the plant will die in cold weather, then regrow from the buried rhizome.