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How To Keep Your Valencia Orange Tree Healthy & Alive

How To Keep Your Valencia Orange Tree Healthy & Alive

Are you craving the sweet, juicy flavor of Valencia oranges from a healthy tree? Here's how to keep your Valencia orange tree healthy and fruitful.

Avocados have become a popular fruit choice for Americans in recent years, but the orange still ranks high as one of the people's favorites.

If this healthful and vibrant citrus fruit is high on your list, why not skip the grocery store line by planting your very own Valencia orange tree?

Use these tips below on how to take care of a Valencia orange tree to help you keep your orange tree healthy and thriving in whether indoors or out.

Make Sure Your Climate Is Right

Orange trees don't do well in extremely cold weather. They grow best in zones 4 through 11 on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

The ideal growing temperature is between 55-100 degrees Fahrenheit, but this tree can do well in winter conditions, as long as the temperatures range between 35-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do live in an area that experiences severe cold, you may want to reconsider planting your tree outside or make sure you're ready to bring it inside for the winter. You can keep Valencia orange trees indoors with success.

You could cover your orange tree with a blanket to protect it from frigid temperatures, but both very cold and dry conditions can be fatal.

Plant It Where It Will Thrive

Orange trees need a healthy amount of sun. If you plant them outside, make sure they have access to full sun or partial light.

When you're planting your tree in the yard, make sure you provide plenty of space for the roots and room to grow.

Maintain Moisture Levels

Along with ample sunlight, your orange tree needs proper moisture, watering, and drainage. Orange trees should be dry between watering.

Too much moisture, especially during winter months, can lead to root rot and fungal infections. Mulch can help keep moisture levels just right.

If you keep your orange tree inside during the winter, you should also make sure the air is moist enough. Give the tree a mist or keep a humidifier close by.

Properly Fertilize Your Orange Tree

Fertilizing your citrus tree can help promote proper growth from the very beginning. Choose a fertilizer that is organic and rich in nitrogen, which essential to keeping the tree in good health.

Prune Your Orange Tree

Pruning is another important part of your Valencia orange tree care or any orange tree care for that matter. Pruning can help distribute light more evenly and promote fruit growth. During the spring months, prep your citrus tree for the growing season, typically April through May or June, by removing branches that are dead and discolored.

Take care to use the right pruning shears and sterilize them before use. You may not need to prune your tree if you've potted it and keep it inside. But if you notice any damaged limbs, go ahead and remove them.

Growing a Valencia Orange Tree

Now you know the basics of how to care for an orange tree, which means you're ready to find the perfect orange tree for your home or yard.

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